​​​​​BUYING (see below for Selling)

(1) How can I select and buy a device?

Our full inventory catalog of New and Used Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, Smartwatches and Accessories is visible at www.mobixpress.in  The list shows all details including Model, Grade, Warranty, Price & actual 8-10 Photos. 

(2) I visit your site often.  How can I check which products have been added recently?

Let's say you wish to find which Apple iPhones have been added recently to our website.  You can go to the menu "Mobile Phone" and click "Apple".  You will now see our complete list of iPhones where the default "Sort by:" dropdown is "Most Popular".  If you change that "Sort by:" to "Most Recent" you will now be able to see the latest iPhones.  Similarly you can click on any category like Samsung or Oneplus and find the latest products added in that category.

(3) I have selected a product on your website.  How can I purchase it?

You have two options to purchase from us:

   i) The easiest option is for you to order from our website. We will ship via a reputed courier along with transit insurance within 24 hours of receiving your order.  We accept both pre-paid orders and Cash on Delivery (COD) from ​our website. More details about payment options are available below.

   ii) You can visit our MobiXpress Store in KOLKATA.


(4) Do you offer Cash on Delivery (COD)?

Yes, we offer Cash on Delivery with a 5% convenience fee.  In addition, we ask for an Advance depending on the item price.  The remaining amount can be paid to the courier upon delivery.  

  • If item price is below Rs 25k, we ask for Rs 500 Advance For Booking
  • If item price is between Rs 25k - 50k, we ask for Rs 1000 Advance For Booking
  • If item price is between Rs 50k - 75k, we ask for Rs 1500 Advance For Booking
  • If item price is between Rs 75k - 100k, we ask for Rs 2000 Advance For Booking

We issue GST payment receipts for all such Advance payments.  Click here to pay the Advance for Cash on Delivery.

​(5) What are all the payment options that you offer?

If you order from the Website

Payment MethodCompaniesConvenience Fee Process
UPIAll major banks
2% Place your order through website
 Credit Card
Debit Card
Net Banking
All major banks2% Place your order through website
EMI (NO Card)ZestMoney
 2%You need to have an account with the mentioned companies to get EMI.  Once you are pre-approved, you can pay here.
EMI on Credit Card All major banks
 2%3, 6, 9, 12, 18 & 24 month EMI tenure available.  Click here to pay.
EMI on Debit Card
HDFC bank only 2%3, 6, 9, 12, and 18 month EMI tenure available. Click here to pay.
Cash On Delivery (COD) ALL OVER INDIA.
 - 5%i) Pay Advance depending on item price here.  
ii) Rest can be paid to courier as Cash on Delivery.  
Cash On Delivery (COD) ALL OVER INDIA.
- 5%i) Pay Advance depending on item price here.
ii) Rest can be paid to courier as Cash on Delivery.

If you visit our MobiXpress Store In Kolkata

 Payment MethodCompaniesConvenience Fee Process
Cash /  UPIAll major banks0% At store
 Credit Card
Debit Card
Net Banking
All major banks2% At store
EMI on Credit Card  All major banks 2%At store
 EMI on Debit Card HDFC, SBI, ICICI, Axis, Kotak, Federal, Bank of Baroda
 2%At store.  Click here to check eligibility.
 EMI (NO Card)ZestMoney
Cardless EMI by InstaCred
 2%You need to have an account with the mentioned companies to get EMI.  Once you are pre-approved, you can pay here.
(6) What are your delivery charges?

Our delivery charges will be shown to you at checkout.  But typically our Prepaid charges for delivery within All Over INDIA is Rs 49/- whereas out of All Over INDIA is (5%) (CASH ON DELIVERY) All charges include transit insurance.

(7) Are exchanges possible?

Yes, Exchanges are definitely possible IN MobiXpress Store :) 

If you live in KOLKATA, you can visit our MobiXpress store or else request an exchange at your home or office by calling our customer support - 8017999888

If you live ALL OVER INDIA, you will first need to send us your old product under the Courier Pickup program.  Once we receive your old product we will credit your account with the buyback value of your old product and you can then purchase a newer product from our website.

(8) I wanted to buy a particular product but now it's no longer available.  How can I buy it now?

Most of the products we sell are unique and therefore we cannot guarantee when they will become available for sale again.  We therefore strongly recommend our customers to buy from us as soon as they see something they like.  Having said that, you can always write to us at Contact Us and let us know about a product you are interested in buying along with your budget.  Should such a product become available with us, we will make every effort to contact you before we list it on our website.

(9) I like a product on your website but I don't have enough cash right now.  Do you offer credit?

We offer EMIs on your Credit and Debit card or Loan Financing.  In addition, if you're short on cash temporarily, you can pay a non-refundable token amount of 10% and reserve the product and then pick it up with full payment within 2 weeks. 

(10) Do you offer any warranty on your products?

Every product passes through a 15-point strict quality check before it's listed on the website.  Moreover, the product is check again thoroughly before it's shipped to the customer.  In addition, we offer a 5-days repair and replacement warranty on untampered products.  We only refund in the rare case where a replacement or repair is not possible.

(11) What is your return policy?

We accept returns within 5 days of the sale of the product.  A nominal restocking fee which varies by item is applicable on such products.

​(12) How can I check my eligibility for Debit Card EMI?

Debit Card EMI is available only in our Mumbai store for the following banks: HDFC, SBI, ICICI, Axis, Kotak, Federal, Bank of Baroda.

  • HDFC - SMS MYHDFC to 5676712 from registered mobile number
  • SBI - SMS DC EMI to 567676 from registered mobile number
  • ICICI - SMS DC EMI to 5676766
  • Axis - SMS DC EMI to 56161600
  • Kotak - SMS DC EMI to 5676788
  • Federal - SMS DCEMI to 5676762 or give a missed call to 7812900900
  • Bank of Baroda - PAPL to 8422009988



(1) I agree with your buyback price for my device.  How can I sell it to you?

For customers ALL OVER INDIA

We are excited to announce the launch of our new program, Courier Pickup, given the overwhelming response for pickups from ALL OVER INDIA.  The program works as follows:

i) You submit your Sell order from our website www.mobixpress.in (Please note that you need to have either the original Box with same IMEI as device or printed Invoice with the same IMEI as device)
ii) You call us at - 8017999888 or we contact you within 24 hours.  We walk through a detailed questionnaire to confirm your device details and also capture your bank details in which you want your money.
iii) You pack the device securely in a box and include two out of the four ID proofs (Aadhar card, Voter Id card, Passport, Driving license (with biometric chip))
iv) We send you a shipping label and arrange for a courier pickup and give you a tracking number.  Don't worry, your package is insured from the time you hand it over to the courier.
v) We transfer the money to your bank account within 6 hours of receipt of the package after deducting Rs 200 for the courier cost.
vi) In the rate case (0.5% based on our existing data) you don't agree with our buyback price, we will send your device back to you at our cost with transit insurance.

For customers within MobiXpress Store In KOLKATA

1) You can visit our MobiXpress Store and get instant cash or bank transfer on the spot.

2) You can request pickup from our staff.  We currently have limited pickup slots so if we are able to pickup, you will first have to transfer our pickup charges of Rs 200.  We will pay you the buyback price in cash or bank transfer for your device at the time of pickup.

(2) What are your pickup charges?

We charge ``Rs 200 for pickup.

(3) What happens if I ship my product to you but you change your buyback price after examining my device?

We pay more for a used device than any dealer in India.  In the rare case (0.5% of all pickup shipments) you don't agree with our buyback price, we will ship it back to you at our cost and with transit insurance.

(4) What is the process once your technician comes to my home or office for pickup?

On the day of the scheduled pickup, the technician will call you at least one hour in advance to confirm your availability. Once he reaches your place, he will  spend approx. 20-30 minutes testing the device to confirm it is fully functional. Then, after you give him a xerox of your valid photo id and sign the appropriate documents, he will pay you in exchange for your product.

(5) Why do you need a photo id?

For safety and security reasons, we ask for a xerox of your photo id. We accept the following four photo id documents: Aadhar card, Voter Id card, Passport, Driving license (with biometric chip).  PAN card is not a valid ID proof.  If you don't have the Box of your device or the Invoice is not in your name, we ask for any two of the four id documents.  Both these documents should have the same address. 

(6) I can't find my device price on your website?

Mobiles, Tablets & Smartwatches: If you have a product that was launched recently and for some reason we don't have a buyback price on our website please Contact Us. - 8017999888 If you have a product that's more than a year older and we don't have the buyback price on our website, we can only give a buyback price at our store after physically examining the item.

Laptops: If you want to sell your Macbook please Contact Us.  For all other laptops, we can only give a buyback price at our store after physically examining the item.

Accessories: If you have an Apple accessory that doesn't have a buyback price on our website, please Contact Us.  For all other brands, we only buy accessories in a clean condition and can only give a buyback price at our store after physically examining the item.

If you write at Contact Us for the buyback price, please provide all relevant details including Model, IMEI  / Serial number, Cosmetic condition, any Functional issues, Warranty, Accessories and Box details.

(7) Do you buy brand new seal pack products?

Yes we buy new seal pack items but require the following: (1) the invoice is in your name, (2) the invoice doesn't have financing like Bajaj Finance (3) you give us any two of the four id proofs: Aadhar card, Voter Id card, Passport, Driving license, (4) our technician meets you at the address mentioned in the id proof to collect the product and pay you.  Please note that we may open the seal pack product in front of you.

(8) Do you buy products in broken condition?

Yes we may buy products in non-working condition especially iPhones and Macbooks.  But for any device that is locked, is broken, doesn't power up, has a cracked screen, etc., we can only offer a buyback price after physically examining the item at our store. 

(9) Can the buyback price reduce once I have placed my order to sell my device?

Yes, in rare cases we may reduce the buyback price.  For example, if Samsung reduces the New price for a Galaxy Note 10, we may reduce our buyback price for a used Galaxy Note 10.  Similarly, we might have made a mistake.  All buyback prices are subject to change.