What is Grade?

Grade describes a product's Physical condition.  Does it have scratches, dents, etc.?  It has no relationship to the product's functionality.  We have a precise form of "grading."  It's one of the many ways MobiXpress is so different from other websites that sell used and refurbished products.  

Grade is shown on every product's detail page.  You can also Filter for Grade in the Search results.  We classify products in the following five grades:


Brand new condition.  Suitable for gifting.  Also referred to as "Like New" or "Unboxed" by others.


Minimal signs of usage.  A product qualifies for a Superb grade only if it meets all the following conditions: (1) Maximum 2 scratches / marks with each scratch less than 5 mm (size of a rice grain), (2) Zero dents, (3) Zero deep scratches (scratch cannot be felt with your nail), (4) Zero scratches on screen. 


Moderate signs of usage.  Scratches and/or dents. 


Heavy signs of usage.  Large scratches and/or dents and/or chips.   

5) New - Seal Pack

New product with original manufacturer seal pack.  Only offered on our website for sale if our sale price is cheaper than offline stores (eg., Croma, Reliance) and online stores (eg., Amazon, Flipkart).